Helly Kitty Purses And Betty Boop Purses Sizzle With Style

Hello Kitty Purses

Aren’t you a kitty fan? Everyone’s favorite original kitty says “Hello” from the stores all over the world. Stylish Hello Kitty this time is branding the stores with its new purses. The Hello Kitty purse is on all girls’ minds from teenagers to preadolescent female consumers. The quirky stylish design of the bag reaches a wide range niche of ladies. The high quality bag does not look cheap at all. Some might think they are too old to have a hello kitty bag due to some ‘childlike’ features but not this bag. Its high quality material and design makes it look classy. It can take you from day to night without the worries of which outfit you wore in the morning.

The available embossed designed selection of Hello kitty purses allows you to head out with style ready in your bag. This chic embossed bag becomes a girl’s best friend with it’s extra storage pockets and additional zip pockets on the rear sections. Some would say only a girl would understand the extra storage requirements. To complete the look, it even comes with a bow bag tag.

As fashionable as this bag may be, it has also been designed with practicality in mind. Extra baggage? Hello Kitty! The soft fabric on the inside and the expandable, durable material of the outer layer allows you to even fit in your laptop. It travels with you from school to work to your evening functions and lets you be the eye candy of the night at the next party. The inner durability and compartments fits all your documents and zips away safely for storage. Wherever your day might take a turn, adjustable features and design of the kitty bag will take you there.

Hello Kitty handbag is too cute not to have. It is a reasonably priced bag with the budget of an everyday girl in mind. All this hello kitty bag needs is a lovely, fashionable owner like you. Will you be the next loving owner? Purrr.

Betty Boop Purses Sizzle

Though it is a fairly old cartoon, one of the very first, and still  popular to this very day is Betty Boop. She was created by Max Fleischer in 1930. Due to her innocent character and being the first female flapper cartoon it captivated the fantasies of men. That is why Betty Boop is considered a sex symbol and is totally appropriate to wear fashion apparel with her image as an adult as well as a child.

One of the best fashion apparel products that feature Betty Boop are purses. They truly represent what Betty Boop is, classy, innocent and sexy. Totally appropriate for girls and women of any age. Be a bold fashion diva and get yourself a Betty Boop purse.

 In today’s world it is not unusual to see all kinds of fashion inspirations and styles. It seems as if anything can become trendy with the right marketing and media promotions. The world is hooked on the Internet and it is very easy for almost anyone to have access to immeasurable levels of information, including fashion trends.

Anything from a pop culture icon to a YouTube sensation has great influence over the people. You name it and it’s most likely on a t-shirt. Correction, at least. People even go to cartoons to search for inspirations. Very rarely do you see large amounts of fashion material inspired by the latest produced cartoons, with honorary exceptions of course. It is expected that to change in the near future because future generations will grow on these cartoons. As it is the generations that grew on the 20th century cartoons still reign supreme.

 We talked about inspirations in the fashion industry, in particular inspirations that came from the cartoons that we all loved to watch as kids. Today we’ll present to you and talk about one cartoon inspiration. That’s none other than Betty Boop.


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